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The history of wig can be described as a long history, ancient Egypt and ancient Roman Empire, there is literature related to records. However, the prevalence in the European upper classes, generally considered to be around in 1620, Louis XIII, to cover his bald head and wearing a wig, causing frequent court nobles to emulate, and then popular in Europe, so that even the women are wearing to a variety of wig at social occasions. The seventeenth century, the sixties, this stylish again by King Charles II reached the British Isles. Seventeenth-century Englishman Samuel. Pepys (Samuel Pepys)'s diary records the real wig in the UK pop history. November 2, 1663, Pepys was informed that the king and the duke will be wearing a wig rumors, the next day will be eager, shaved their heads, will be made a wig. Pepys wrote: "Farewell to their own hair or slightly sad, but all over, I'll wear a wig." Thus, wigs, popular in the UK, played a great example of strength.

Model, the wig popular for another reason. According to the Commonwealth a monopoly and the wig industry, Ed Ravenscroft Factory (Ede & Ravenscroft), due to the lack of seventeenth-century heating systems in Europe, it is inconvenient hot shower, in order to prevent the breeding of parasites, the most a good way is to stay with short hair and a long wig to replace.

The early use of human hair wig making, such as the debtor is bonded with the hair, and even the dead hair. At that time the court, a variety of wigs is simply suffocating odor mixture, making the judges sometimes have to bring their own bouquet of flowers appear in court to dissolve a little look. This state of affairs until the 1822 Humphrey? Ravenscroft (Humphrey Ravenscroft) invented the use of cauda equina wig making process until the end.

Commonwealth Legal person to appear or participate in major ceremonies activities are wearing wigs, is entirely popular at that time dictates, and there is no mandatory legal requirements. Hundreds of years have passed, wigs are no longer fashionable, but it became a lawyer to follow a traditional old-fashioned image. And wig unsanitary, hot, bar people, even some funny. However, change is difficult to say. It will be customary wig and status, identity, or even just linked. Solicitors to obtain the right to appear in court later, because of the qualifications of not wearing a wig to the House of Lords made several unsuccessful petition, and many of the accused is also preferred to wear wigs in court counsel for their defense, it is said to wear a wig also has a direct bearing on the jury's ability to persuade it!

Although the era of Charles II is long past, but it appears the original fashion - at least in the wig on this point - is still out from the grave with their hands tied firmly to the Commonwealth Law of contemporary people. Australia in 70 years in order to comply with the Family Court (Family Court) to reduce the form of promoting harmonious trends, canceled wig. But in 1987, allegedly as a result of a number of attacks against the judiciary, so resumed wig. In my opinion, this practice in Australia, more traditional psychological mischief, or that traditional commentators in order to keep the head of the wig, take these attacks just the fix is definitely difficult to say the right medicine. Because in the United Kingdom in 1992, abolition of the Special Court for young people to wear wigs in the practice of judicial officers, it seems that no similar adverse effects occur in Australia. In 2003, the United Kingdom has conducted a survey of whether to cancel the wig and found that the majority of senior judges and solicitors wish to cancel the wig, while the lower court judges and barristers are firmly rooted in tradition. Even 68% of the public hope that the judges --- especially in criminal cases --- to wear wigs, wig shows the people in the United Kingdom on behalf of the role of the symbol of justice is still very strong.

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