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Customers offer the hair for the full lace wigs

Usually we can offer Indian remy or Chinese remy or Chinese virgin hair or Malaysian virgin hair for our stock full lace wigs or lace front wigs. Some time. The price is little higher if you want to order other kind of human hair full lace wigs. In order to save much more Money if you have the human hair, You can send the hair to us. We can produce for you! We only charge some work hand cost! Here the hair weight that you need ship to us.

If you want the wigs to be medium density which is 110%, please send the hair amount as follows:

If you send us 14inch raw hair, pls send us about 150g
If you send us 16inch raw hair, pls send us about 160g
If you send us 18inch raw hair, pls send us about 170g
If you send us 20inch raw hair, pls send us about 190g
If you send us 22inch raw hair, pls send us about 210g
If you send us 24inch raw hair, pls send us about 235g

The workers may waste about 10g in the process of sewing the hair. Besides, the hair tips side(about 6 to 8 inches from the tip) need to be processed to make the hair tangle-free, which will make the hair about 10g lighter. Also there are some short hair mixed. For example, if you send us 18" hair, there may be some 6" or 4" mixed in them. For this kind short hair, our workers can't use them since they are too short to ventilate. That is why I ask you to send enough hair as the amount above.

Also let us know when you ship the human hair to us. So we can send you our address and arrange the produce for the human hair lace wigs!

Juicy Lace Wigs Team

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