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How could I seal the lace wig knots?

when you wear the human hair full lace wigs, we will have to face the shedding problem.How can we avoid this? For the shedding problem is really very bad.It is really very very hard to be sure all the wigs not have the shedding problem.No one can be sure the wigs never shedding,even our our growing loss everyday..You know all the wigs are hand-tied work. and the hair is sewed one by one and it takes about 1 month to produce one new wig.If the knots are not strong or after you wear some time, some hair knots may loose. The wigs may have sheding problem.It is unavoidable..But we try our best to make all the knots strong enough, and choose the best wigs for the customers But we can do our best to extend the wigs life!

Sealing your lace wig's knots will help decrease shedding. The can of sealer you need is called "General Purpose Adhesive Spray" You can find it at any Fabric/Arts &Crafts/Office Supply Store in your area. A popular maker of this product is 3M.You will need a wig head, sealer and your lace unit. Turn the unit inside out. Then place the cap inside out on wig head. Spray unit lightly with sealer standing 6 to 8 inches away. DO NOT SPRAY SEALER ON HAIR. You should not be able to see the spray on your unit. If you do, you've used too much. The last step is the unit must dry for 15 to 30 minutes. If you remove it before then, it may shrink the cap. You can seal your knots after each time you shampoo and condition your unit.

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