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1.Which is better, Swiss lace wigs or French lace wigs?

It really is a matter of preference. Yes. we recommend the Swiss lace for you. Swiss lace is very fine and delicate and undetectable while the French lace is also fine but detectable. This Swiss lace gives the wigs and hairline more natural looks and make the hairline nearly invisible.  The individual pieces of purest human Hair are then hand-tied into the invisible lace.  Then each hair is double knotted and bleached (optional) to give a more natural appearance at the root of the hair.  This also creates a flawless, invisible and undetectable hair-line.


2.which kind of knot is best for my wigs?

 We recommend double knots. This way it more durable. we also make single kont in the front part, for this way, it looks more invisible and the hair line more natural.


3.Do you have the baby hair around the perimeter?

Yes, our wigs have natural and soft baby hair around the perimeter.


4.Can the wigs hair be parted anywhere?

Only full lace wigs are Freestyle and can be parted anywhere. That means that you can part it anywhere you want.


5.Can I wear the hair in high ponytails and up hair styles?
Only the full lace wigs allows you to wear ponytails and up hair styles. Lace Front wigs can be worn in a ponytail, but the based of the wigs.


6.Can I straighten and curl my lace wigs hair?

Yes. Remy hair can be styled just like your hair. You can perm it, set it, blow dry it, hot curl it, etc. Yes, it is purest Indian Remy Hair and will style like your own natural hair.And pleases notice  that when you perm or curl it please go to professional salons.

7.What’s the difference between Indian Remy and Chinese Remy?

Indian Remy hair is the most versatile hair. It can easily be curled, waved or styled and is less course than Chinese Remy hair. Most of our customers prefer Indian Remy Hair. You should only choose Chinese Remy hair if you want a VERY straight wig, that is naturally
shiny. Chinese Remy hair is thick and stronger. Also if you want to dye the color yourself you may order Chinese virgin hair.  Because for the Indian Remy hair you can only dye it form light color to darker color, you can do the dye the darker color to light color.


8. When can my order been shipped?

Generally the wig will reach you in about 2-3 business days if it's in stock.
Well, If you want to order our stock wigs we can ship it immediately. If you pay it early eonugh we can ship the package in the early more here, You can get it in 48hours.If we miss the early plane here, it will take 3 working days to arrive at your door.
For the common custom orders. Can be ship in 25days -28 days.
For the rush orders can be ship in 14days-15 days.
For the super rush orders can be ship in 12 days.


9. What’s the difference between lace front wigs and full lace wigs?

A lace front wigs does not have lace around the back, and therefore can't be worn in a high ponytail with the back showing. While the full lace wig is lace all around, and can be worn up in a high ponytail. Both wigs can be parted anywhere and both offer a natural look!


10. I am African American and need hair that is more realistic looking and natural. Can I purchase Juicy lace wigs?

Yes, the natural look for African American hair is called Yaki hair which resembles hair that has been premed.


11.What is Remy hair?

Remy hair is a superior human hair grade that is collected from a hair donor. The cuticle layer of the hair remains in tack, therefore the hair is silky soft with a subtle wave pattern. The hair is then hand-tied to a wig in the same direction as it is on a human head. The look of the wig is very natural, easy to manage and does not tangle!


12.How often should I wash my wig?

It's various for different people depending on various factors, like wearing frequency, hair spray, smoke, climate, care treatment, etc. Generally you can wash it every 10-12 wearings or every 4-6 weeks.


13.How long can I expect the wig to last?

Generally, the wigs can stand well for 1-2 years. And It can last longer if your take good care of it.


14.How often should I wash my wigs?
We recommend that you washing the wig every fourth day it is worn. So, if you wear your wig every day, you should wash it about twice a week.


15.How should I store my wig when I am not wearing it?

The best way to store wigs is to place the wig on a Styrofoam head with a hair net over it so that the style of the wig can be preserved. Wigs can also be kept in a hair net and in a plastic bag (which usually comes with the wig) when it isn’t being worn.


16.What should I use to comb or brush my wig?

This depends on the length and style of the wig you have. It also depends on whether your wig is made from human hair or synthetic hair. We have several articles on wig care in our infocenter.