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How do I put my wig on?

Before you you put thefull lace wigs or lace front wigs on.please double-check the wig is that you need. Try on the wig before you cut the lace. Ensure the full lace wig or front lace wig is what you need and the cap size is also suitable!
Follow these steps to put the lace wig on
1) Give the full lace wig a gentle shake.

 2) Identify the front and the back of the lace wigs.  The label always goes in the back.  Note the Velcro tabs for sizing.  Leave the tabs as is at first.  You can adjust them later if necessary.

3) Place the lace wig on a flat surface so you are looking inside the wig.  Make sure the label is at the top (the label is at the back of the wig).  Grasp the wig at the top (back), with your hands placed on each side of the label.

4) Slip the wig over the head starting at the hairline and then towards the neck.  The front of the wig should lie on the front hairline.

5) The wig should feel secure, but not too tight.  If needed, you can adjust the size with the Velcro tabs inside the lace wig.

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