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How to send the payment?


Welcome to see you here. For the payment, Juicy lace wigs mainly uses WETERN UNION, MONEY GRAM, BANK TRANSFER ALSO we can accept SAFE PayPal .Because we can get the fund in less time and send the lace wig package immediately! Also if you don't need the wig in urgent, we can use Bank Transfer. Usually it will take three working days for us to get it!



PayPal is a secure intermediary payment service that allows you to pay easily and quickly via credit card and electronic check, among other options.


1. Log into you PayPal account. ( if you do not have, you can sign up one account)

2. Click" Send Money" Button.

3.  Fill the total amount, like below. 

4. Click" Continue" button...

5. ...
Our Paypal





  1. Our western union payment info:


Go to the closest Western Union location and make your payment. Email us with your payment confirmation number. Your order will be processed as soon as your payment has been deposited.
Here is our Western Union information: 


Please make sure the receiver’s name and your name is exactly the same as the bill western union and money gram, or we can’t get the fund.

First name:Jihui
last name: Song
Country: China
City: Qingdao
Zip code: 266109
First name:
Last name:
MTCN: money transfer ctrl number-very important
The total amount of money:


please send us your full name ,address details, post code and your phone number. So we can send the lace wigs to your home or work shop.

If you have any questions. Please feel free to contact us.

Juicy lace wigs service centre:


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