How to get a custom made wig?

As one professonal and trustful hair vendor,usually,we commend our customers place quick shipping wigs if they want to intsall the wigs in one weektime.Of course,the in stock wigs needs to fullly fulfil their requests,such as the hair density is thick enough,cap size is fit well,lace color and cap design matches well. If the customers need special wig,like silk base,full thick denisty,EXTRA large or small size,It is necessary to do one custom made wig. You may ask that how to start a custom wig.

Here some steps:

1. Please ask for one custom Order Form from your hair vendor,Fill all the details carefully,besure you know well about your custom order form, If you have any questions,please ask your wig service.For the custom made wig,it can be made by your special requests,Most for the wig makers do not accept refund if you do not satisfy with them wig,so please be careful with each items you filled on the order form. Double-check before make the payment.

2.Once the order form was finished, please forward it to your vendor and get your new quotaion.

3.If you need special requests,please be carefully talk with your vendor and make sure they get your requests and write all your IMPORATNT INFO on the order form with RED WORDS

4.Make the payment and star the new order

5.Once the payment was made ,please notice your hair suppler and start your custom made wig right away.

one more thing,for the custom made wig, usually, it takes 4-5 weeks to do it but now, it get longer. if you need silk top deisign or very heavy density, sometimes, it takes two more weeks to make it, so you start to make your custom wig,please be patient. If you do not have enough time, the worker may can not finish it timely. Please a head of two months to start your custom wigs.If not, do not start a custom made wig.Just choose stock wig for quick using.

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