What is HD Lace ?

Now, you may heard a lot about HD lace.

So what is HD lace?

Where it come from?

Is it really very good for all customers?


Herelet me answers one by one.


Frist,what is HD lace?
The HD lace concept is very hot now,but it is not new at all. It is just real swiss lace, but transprent lace. it is thin and invisible. It is really a good choice for white or light head scalp ladies.


Second, where it come from?

The HD lace is transparent lace and imported lace only. It is avalible ten years ago.

Third, Is it really very good for all customers?
Of course not, the HD lace is just thin and transparent lace, It match white ladies or light head scalp women perfectly. For africa American women or black ladyes, please choose light brown or dark brown lace. It is better choice!

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