What is HD full lace wig?

Super HD Full lace wig? What is HD Full lace wig? It is High Definition Illusion Full lace wig which with Transparent lace.If you are a full lace wig wearer, you will love the HD Illusion Lace even more because the lace is undetectable. It creates the illusion of hair growing directly out of the scalp.

Now days, we just add HD hair products below:

  • HD Full lace wig
  • HD Lace Frontal
  • HD Lace Front wig
  • HD Lace Closure

For these HD Lace hair replacements it is good for white ladies and black ladies.If you are afro American women, the brown lace ( light brown, medium brown) is your frist choice. You may ask ,so what is HD full lace wig? Is it good for me?


You can choose the HD lace for your self use or your customers, if the heard scalp color is light color.It will give better looking. Now for all HD full lace wig, HD lace front wigs, HD lace Frontals, HD closures, the new pre-plucked hair line is added to each unit that with new single knots on the edge. you can get new natural looking hair again.

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