360 wigs VS Full lace wigs

Now, there are a lot of customers ask me, what kind of lace wigs is better?  full lace wigs or 360 wigs?

The 360 wigs come from 360 lace frontals. You  know what kind of 360 lace frontal look like? You can view the link on our website.  360 lace frontals :Link https://www.juicylacewigs.com/360-lace-frontals360-full-lace-frontal-online-360-lace-frontals-348/

It is full lace around and the size , front part ( 4inch), back size (2inch) and cap size is 22.5″, there is no hair in the middle part .Here is the important thing comes, when we sew more hair weaves in the middle part with wefts hair in the no hair area. The new wig will come out and look almost like a full wig, if you do not look it carefully, you even do not know there is wefts hair in the middle part.also, usually, the adjust strap was added i the back for adjustment.

You may ask me, so what kind of wig is better ?

Of course , the full lace is better, it is full hand tied and there is wefts hair at all and it can last long time, also, you can part it anywhere you want.

As for the 360 wigs, it can be part in the front also works well, there is two more things very important, the price is cheaper than full lace, cause the hand tied work is less.also, heavy density can be easily added in the middle and back part. you can order thick density like 180%, 250% or even 300% density 360 wigs, but it is very hard to make 200% or 250% hand tied full lace wigs. cause the density is too thick, it is hard for the workers add two thick hair.

So which is better for you?  if your budget is not high, you can choose 360 wigs, if you want look better, full lace wig is still you first choice.



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