How do you apply your lace wig ?

In wig for tip adapted Her face is important. In addition, you must understand your style, your size and everything, so it is advisable to consult a professional.
Once your needs, measures that include your facial features, head size and includes the wig style, the next crucial step is how to attach your full lace wigs or lace front wigs. After ordering your  lace wig received, you will notice an extra length of the edge around the perimeter. This additional peak is usually packed and must be done according to your size. This process requires special care, try not to cut the wig hair. If you are not sure that the tip is cut back a little at a time. Most people prefer to wear a nylon wig cap bore before the actual wig. You can even jump if you feel comfortable.
It is strongly recommended that you prepare your scalp using the protective spirit of the surgery or scalp brand. This helps the skin to remove oil residue, if any. Apply it by rubbing the skin under the hair line, since this is the area to be used in the glue to attach the lace wigs. In addition, your skin protects against allergic effect and promotes a stronger bond. If you choose a wig glue, then you should be cautious, a very thin layer on the skin, then wait ten to fifteen minutes. This allows the glue to become “sticky”. If you are a little more strength to another layer is proposed, but again wait for some time is needed. Neat clip all your hair on the full lace wig or lace front wig, it does not depend on the glue. Press the wig now and pull plotted along the hairline on the glue. At that time, suggested waiting a few minutes. Soon will be given to bind the right wig to allow the adhesive layer. Once the glue dries, you will see that there is any sticky residue and the wig in place, without any constraint change wig instead. Now you are ready for any style your hair. If you find a little more glue on the skin alcohol visible, gently clean the area and make it natural. This process very carefully and take care not to put too close to the hairline. If you accidentally remove the glue along the hairline, you must reapply the glue and then reshape.

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