How much does glueless full lace wigs usually cost?

Now days the glueless full lace wigs becoming more and more popular.It is very easy and convenient to use it. The glueless full lace wig price is very closed to full lace wig.

The price is depends upon quality of hairs attached on lace and dimensions of lace. A lace with Brazilian virgin remy and European hair costs more. Also if silk top is addd cap , it costs more. standard length of hair on a lace is 8 inch. more hair length greater than 8 inch, there is a price increase for every 2 inches.

Usually, You can get common glueless full lace wigs at $200- $300.00. If you need longer unit like 26inch 28inch 30inch the price will be much higher. Because the longer hair material cost will be higher.

Also if you need heavy or thick hair density glueless full lace wigs, it needs to do new custom order. You can get them higher price!

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