lace front ponytail wigs

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Do you like lace front ponytail wigs? You may like to wear human hair lace front wigs. Cause there is no need to use two much glue on the back. Also you can adjust the cap size if you head size is little bigger or smaller.

But there is one problem. Most of the lace front wigs can can not wear lace front wigs in ponytails for there is no lace in the back.

Now we have one new lace front ponytails wigs in stock now. We added extra lace in the back,so when you do high ponytails , it will be natural looking

The adjust strap and combs can be added by your requests.For this lace front ponytail wigs,you can not only do high ponytails also can wear this lace front ponytail wigs without glue. So you can wear glue-less lace front ponytail wigs now.

If you want to learn more lace front ponytail wigs and wear buy lace front ponytail wigs you can reach

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