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Our full lace wigs have bleached knots around the perimeter of the lace wig. All bleached knots are recommended if you’re completely bald. Bleach knots are when a dark hair is tied to the base of a lace wig with a knot, you can see a dark dot on the skin.
Also note that even though you can achieve a more natural look with the bleached knots, the bleach does weaken the knot which means you may experience shedding faster than in the other areas. Our remy hair full lace wigs are expertly hand made. With proper care our wigs should last for many years with minimal shedding. Bleached knots are not necessary for hair colors in the blonde family. Bleached knots usually are done around the perimeter of the lace wig so you can wear a high ponytail or up-do hairstyle. And it helps create the illusion that your hair is growing out of your head. Our remy full lace wigs are free style with ear to ear stretch. These hair wigs can be parted anywhere.
Our full lace wigs or lace front wigs have natural baby hairs around the perimeter of the wig. Baby hairs are the thinner hairs placed within and along the front hairline and around the perimeter of the hair wig which gives a natural appearance. There’s no extra charge for baby hairs. Our in stock wigs hair density is medium (110%). Hair density is how many hairs are added to the wig base (similar to how real hair grows out of the hair follicles). With the advance of thinner wig base materials, such as lace and thin skin, lower density tends to look more natural especially along the hairlines and perimeter. Most wigs achieve a natural appearance with light to medium or medium density. However, the choice will depend on the individual and the style desired. You can choose from a variety of hair textures for your lace wig. Because we only use the highest quality of hair in our lace wigs, your wig will have amazing versatility. You can easily straighten curly and wavy hair textures. When you want your curls back, just simply wet your hair and they reappear! You can also easily put curls in your straight texture wig, just as you would do your own hair. Full lace wigs can also be cut and colored.
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