some tips for you to buy top quality lace wigs?

Now more and more full lace wigs ,glueless wig, lace front,are in the market! Some lace wigs factory in order to save more money. They try their best to lower the cost of the human hair lace wigs. Some bad man may do something to the lace wigs just in order to save more money! Yes, they can lower the cost after they did some thing. But the full lace wigs quality is not as good as before. Here I will show you some tip to buy the top quality remy hair full lace wigs.

First, pay more attention to the hair of the lace wigs. It has two kinds of measurements of the hair. For example, when we say, the 20inch full lace wigs. One kind is the hair length from the crown to the tip, it is 20inch. And the other kind means that each strand of the hair is 20inch. Also some wigs supplier may mixed some short hair or synthetic hair..

Second, you need to pay more attention to the hair density. Usually, No matter what kind of lace wigs. Full lace wigs, lace front wigs. The common hair density is 100%. Some wigs suppliers may minus the hair density.
Third, you need to pay more attention to the lace wigs cap material. Usually the French lace and fine thin Swiss lace is the most popular lace for the human hair wigs. Some factory in order to lower the cost of the lace wig, they may use other kind of lace. So you need to know what is real Swiss lace and what is real French lace.
Fourth, you need to pay more attention to the lace wig cap layout! It may shoal.Also you need to see the knots in the cap.
Follow these 4 steps, you will get a good full lace wigs or lace front wigs!

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