virgin hair review

Now days, there are many hair review website like virginreview. This site bought some hair bundles online and local beauty supplies. I agree some of what they said but some I can not agree with them.

we are one hair factory in china and make and selling the hair for about 10 years we know the hair market and hair factory products very well. So some of the review is not true.

Like this,take one example:
“We visited two typical neighborhood beauty supply stores. Hair from both stores was marketed as “human hair”, but melted as soon as heat over 400 degrees was applied clearly indicating this was synthetic hair.”

This is really not professional. For the real human hair it withstand the temperature within 180 degrees centigrade. If the flat iron is more 180 degrees centigrade, the hair may melt and not burn as ash. Because it is still not reach the hair burn point can only melt.

When you flat the hair ,please make sure the degrees centigrade is under 180

If you wan to test the hair is human hair or synthetic you can burn it and try it.
It is useful but not 100% guarantee.


Because many of synthetic hair is made is high quality kanekalon
Fiber. It can also stand very high temperature. When you burn it, it also go ash.

So how to distinguish the human hair and synthetic hair?

You can feel it use your hand also dye the hair. The synthetic hair can not be dyeing, but human hair can do.

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