Wearing a lace wig you make go soon

This is perhaps the biggest myth that the very least is true. While other myths have some truth, wearing a full lace wig or lace front wig is not in itself cause baldness. In fact, wigs help hair growth. Many women who leave their natural hair without the use of chemical protection of designs and models for healthy hair growth. protective styles include braids, coils of loose ends, weaves and wigs to protect.
That may cause rupture of the hair while wearing a lace wig tape or glue used directly in the root hair. Some women go so far as to shave the hair line so that the lace wig can look back far enough to sit naturally. What they do not know is that the glue binding edge should never be applied directly to your own hair. They lose at the end of her hair in the carrier edges over time of tension caused by the glue. If worn correctly, a lace wig is a great way for your hair against the elements and the constant manipulation is protected.

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