Why sew in hair weaves price are so different?

Now there are a lots of hair supplier in the market, but the price are quite different. so why?

Here some reasons:

A) Hair Ratio: The hair bundles are small and thin,more short mixed, we all know that short hair is cheap, this is one of the most important element can lower the price.

B) Hair Weight: Usually, each bundles have net weight is 100gram, but some supplier weight is only 95 or 92gram and plus the thick rubber, the weight will be 100gram or more than 100gram,

C)MOQ: The Minimum order quality is also very important, if you want to use this low-price, the MOQ is 30pieces each length and color,it can also lower the cost.Also, if you order larger order here also, custom made orders, it also can lower the price.

D) Hair Material: As one professional and honest hair factory,we are always choosing premium virgin remy hair make our hair wefts and there is no synthetic or animal hair mixed.In fact, there are some factories do not use the purest human hair to make the wefts hair. it can help make the hair cost much cheaper.
Quality guaranteed: We are alway standing behind all our hair products.All the hair you ordered from our factory are 100% good quality. People always think:The higher the price, the better the quality of the merchandise.We could not agree with any more.

Most of big wholesalers in US sell high sew in hair and they can sell 10,000- 20,000pieces/month and the good rate is more than 95%,they tried to sell low and cheap hair before, but it is really hard to get more and more repeat customers. Like Amazon,we always think,price is very imporant but quality frist. it can help boost your hair business easily.

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