360 wigs VS Full lace wig VS lace Front wig, which is best?

You may have heard a lot about 360 wigs, right? In the past two years, The 360 wig become one new popular wig. You may want to know why it is very popular? It is really one best wig,or why more and more ladies want to try 360 wigs.

Here, today, let me tell you the real reason.

We all know that the full lace wig , lace front wig,glueless wigs are most popular wigs in the lace wig hair market, It is not a big market compared with our products.It is still new look in the market and becoming more and more popular.

juicy lace wigs 360 wig
juicy lace wigs 360 wig

When the full lace wig was born and come to this world ten year ago, more and more ladies love this kind of wig. It is 100% hand tied and fine lace and really give natural good looking for the ladies. and there is big problem. The wig is very good but the cost is really not affordable for most of the ladies.

So,factories create one new wig, It is called 360 wig. It is very closed to full lace wig, almost same look.but the cost can much lower than before. The 360 wigs can do same as full lace wig, It is full lace around ,with adjust strap.It is free style and can do high ponytail.It is really a great wig.

Now, more and more black ladies want thick and full lace wigs, they think it is more beautiful ,but the full lace wig can not do very full and high density, the cost is very high , It needs longer time to produce,but the 360 wigs can be done just one 3-4 days. It is more faster and quicker.

So, if you ask me 360 wigs, full lace wigs, lace front wig, which is best?Of course, I still think the full lace wig is your first choice,it is full hand tied and last long time.If you budget is tight. You can choose 360 wig,then lace front wig.

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