How to keep your full lace wig last long?

Today, I want to answer one of most popular question that how long does full lace wig last? It is not a fixed answer, usually, when you ask the hair vendors, they may told you that it can last 3 – 6 months ,and if care perporly, it can last almost one year time. right?

Is that true?

juicy lace wig ombre color wig
juicy lace wig ombre color wig
Yes, it is true. but this answer is not intact. Do you have any chance and think it over. Why some wigs can last long time and some wigs can not.Of course, hair maintain is necessary, but even you care properly,some wigs still can not last long.
The most important thing is the wig quality.  You may say some wigs are really great looking when received it ,later after some weeks,it will turn to bad. Here I want to remind you that you should pay more attention on two thing: Hair Quality and  Hand-tied Skill.
You may ask me why?
For the wigs, what kind of problems happen very often?  Tangle and shedding problem, right?  If the wigs tangle easily,the hair material is most important key to avoid this.And for the shedding problem, it may also happens all the time. If the wigs have little or mini shedding, the wigs hand tied skill is fine. If the wigs have shedding badly, the hand tied knots may get loose or the knots are not rooted strongly.

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