Lace Front wig is better than Full lace wig?

As a black women,when you want to give your hair a new look, you may choose to buy one wig, like lace front wig and full lace wig. Both are popular natural looking hair replacement.

when you see both wigs in the wig store displaying on the model, it maybe a little hard for you to choose. which is better?

Lace Front wig is better than Full lace wig?
Lace Front wig is better than Full lace wig?

Some hair vendors may recommend you to buy a lace front wig, cause the lace front wig is cheaper than full lace wig. Yes, lace front wig is one of good choice. The density can be thicker and more hair volume. And the most important thing is the price is affordable.  yes, it is correct.

If you budget is higher, we highly recommend you choose the full lace wig. Cause, there is a big different for the two kinds.

The lace front wig, usually, we call it lace front. It is half hand tied in the front and wefted hair in the back part. And the full lace wig is full hand tied wig,there is no wefts hair added. It means, for the full lace wig, you can part is anywhere you want, it is natural looking,you will never see the wefts exposed out.

When you have enough budget, just buy the full lace wig,if you want to save more money, lace front wig is another choice for you.


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