What kind of wig looks most natural?

By any chance, when you went through one professional wig store, there are various of wigs in front of you, some wigs like lace front wigs,full lace wigs, silk top wigs,Capless wigs… which kind of wigs is most natural ?  You may ask.
Here I just want to answer the lace wigs for black women., Cause the wigs for white women and wigs for black women, it is a little different. Later, we can introduce more for that.
For all these wigs for black women, you may think,it seems all look like the same when installed on the model, right ?  That is ture.

Juicy lace wigs curly hair styles

The big difference is the cap layout.    The Full lace is full hand tied hair wigs, and the lace front, is half hand tied wig in the front part section and wefted hair i the back, and for  the Capless wigs, it is full machine made wig.

In general, if all the wigs have natural hairline,all wigs are natural looking once installed. If you want to look more natural, the full lace is best choice. cause of full and tied all around, so the wig is free style and can be parted anywhere you want. Even when you do middle parting or side parting, the scalp is also look real.
There is one important thing, you can do it bleach the knots. It can help make the front part knots look not obvious , just very close to the scap color tone.
Also, you may ask how about adding the silk base on the top?  yes, that is great cap layout. The silk top design is fabulous design for the wig. when you make the parting,it looks the hair is grow from your own head,It is perfect for full lace wig.

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