Take good care of your wig always…

When you by any chance get a wig,no matter gorgeous lace front wig, full lace wig or 360 wigs,make sure to pay more attention on the hair when you wear it. usually, the hair quality is very important,we always think that good quality wig can last long time. That is correct.

juicy lace wigs hair care

But good care is also very important.  The wigs need to be washed and conditioned on time, we need to keep the wigs clean all the time. If the hair get dirty or dry,it is easily get tangle or matted , the longer hair is a little hard to maintain, especially the long curly hair.
If the hair have little tangle problem,please do not use the the brush comb the hair directly, there is a tie in the hair, you may use your finger make it through and once the tie unlocked, then you can comb it slowly from the top to end.
Please be noticed. for the curly hair ,do not combs it directly. The hair was curled already. when you comb it,it will get more tangle. The curly hair is not allowed to comb directly. once straight hair or big wave allow you to do this.
In next blog,we will introduce more useful info about the how to care the shedding hair wigs.

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