Why my custom wigs was delayed these days?

Hey guys,

Welcome come back to work, it is really great time to work and enjoy the time.hope you all had a great new year holiday time.

Owning to the new year, here our factory also closed for 3 days holiday, so the date frame may delay one or two days. please know this.

Now days,cause of producing hair line moving, we can not offer super rush order for all new custom wigs, like 2 weeks rush order ,only 4 or 5 weeks time. It is necessary.

If your custom wigs are heavy density like 180% or 190%, itis very heavy density and time workers will be sure need more time to do hand tied work. some customers like silk top wigs, we know it is one of best natural looking cap layout, and it do need more work for our workers.so at the end of new year, more orders coming.so the finished date may longer.

Now we are still doing our best to improve this work and  do our best to make the time short. but we do need some time. so when you be sure start to make custom order. please place the order earlier or a head of 2 weeks, it will be better.

Also, cause of Chinese spring festival will come at Feb 2, and the factories will be closed for ten days holidays. it may also, delay the custom wigs. please know this.

When you need the wigs in urgent, if possibile,please choose in stock wigs, it can be sent in two or three days. it is quick work.

Good nite


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