become lace wig distributor

How to become lace wig distributor? If you are a Cosmetologist, Licensed Hair Stylist or Hair Salon Beauty Supply or Business owner interested in selling lace wigs,welcome join juicy lace wigs as become lace wig distributor.

We process 30 advanced designers, technicians and 300 skilled workers to design, produce and sell large amount of hair systems to all over the world. You can get the best quality lace wigs at much cheap wholesale price.

How to become lace wig distributor?

It is very easy join us.If you have your own store or website or have your own ebay account. We can help Support your lace wigs business. We do not charge any extra fee to be our distributor.
We can help supply the best lace wigs.Now have about 3000pcs lace wigs in stock. Also we offer custom lace wigs if you become lace wigs distributor.So you can get all kind of lace wigs at juicy lace wigs store.
All the lace wigs come from juicy store are 100% guaranteed. If you do not satisfy with the wig, we can be sure 100% refund or exchange. It is always available when become lace wigs distributor.
Another service, like hair condition, usually we charge $45.00 each time. Also we can offer free condition for all our lace wigs.Welcome join juicy become lace wig distributor


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