Virgin Hair Full lace wigs VS Remy Hair Full lace wigs

When you buy human hair full lace wigs, you may need to choose Virgin hair full lace wigs and remy hair full lace wigs. Which better?

Both are 100% human hair.But the virgin hair and remy hair are quite different. Usually, we thnk the virgin hair is better than the remy hair.

Now let me make it clear, what is virgin hair and remy hair?

As for remy hair,It is processed hair, colored and curled. Also It is very soft and lustrous, and thinner than Chinese hair. The natural straight hair texture can wave up when wet.

But for the virgin hair,. It is unprocessed hair, no colored, no curled. And has more cuticle, collected from one donor,. it is the same direction hair. It is very silky and smooth.

For this kind of virgin hair you can dye it by your requests. If you want to dye the #light color, virgin hair full lace wig will be first choice. For the remy hair, because it is colored hair, it is hard to dyed again.


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