Juicy Lace Wigs Review

We,juicy lace wigs, get the review everyday.here is one new reveiw from custom Tiki.

“Dear Bill;
Great news!!! MY BEAUTIFUL FULL LACE CAP WIG DOES FIT!!! (My head size is 23 inches). I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT : D! God bless you! Please pass my thank you with God’s blessing to your worker/your whole team. I know that I was devinely lead to you all. It’s as though God blessed you all to know exactly what I like. I truly apologize for taking so long. When we first took the wig out, it looked to be smaller. I had my daughter to try it on first because it’s very beautiful, and I wanted to be careful not to rip it or stretch it. My daughter has a lot of hair, very close to the texture of the very beautiful texture that you sent. She’s petite, and it almost looked too small for her. Honestly, if I could choose the very kind of hair I’d like to be born with, it’s the very texture that you sent. I really don’t want to call it a wig, because it looks sooo real. I can’t tell you just how overjoyed I am. It’s so beautiful that I couldn’t sleep; when I thought it was too small, I prayed and asked God to bless it to fit. All along He had it worked out. As strange as it may sound, in my heart of hearts, I felt that it would work out, although I was afraid it was too small. Thank you for writing me back and letting me know that it’s a medium size. It’s what made me determined to try it on, and not be afraid of ripping it. Again, I apologize for taking so long to write back. I normally respond very quickly. I hadn’t taken my weave down yet, it took a while to remove it because it was sown so securely. I wanted to check the size before I took down my weave, kind of backwards huh? When I wrote you back, I wanted to know for sure whether it would fit. I really love “my hair” (the wig). It’s unbelievably beautiful. As I look at it, tears well up. I’m so very happy. The texture fit’s WONDERFULLY. And your worker did an excellent job trimming it. I know that if I were there, he or she would have cut it to a perfect t. It really fits my face. I only need to trim the bangs alittle, very slightly layer toward the bottom and trim in oval shape, very little to be done. It’s as though your worker envisioned my face shape. I will definately be purchasing a custom made wig for when I can no longer wear this one. (Ear to ear over top of head is 12 1/2 and 2 short points; from temple to temple 8 inch, from hairline to nape, 12 inches; nape, 6 and 4 short points. I will measure again and send when placing the order for my custom made full lace wig). I also read that you can repair the one I have now. This is great because I plan to wear it for a long time. My daughter would lik to sometimes add a little volume to hers. She loves your textures and may want to purchase a piece for herself. By the way, not only am I in love with “my hair”, but my daughters really love it too. I would like to ask a few questions; My hairline grows into my face. In order not to attach the adhesive to my hair, would it be safe to very gently pull the lace cap alittle to cover? Or would this jeopordize it. Would you suggest that for now I trim my back hairline instead of trying to pull it to cover? Also for flat ironing and curling; I have a low to med to high flat iron. Would between low and medium heat be enough. How long is the curl known to last generally. I never want to apply too much heat, and when flat ironing; next question, will the pressure of sliding the flat iron jeopordize pulling on the hair too much. I don’t plan on using the flat iron too much, only to curl and not too often, the hair texture is just perfect. I will be as careful as possible although the fact that it almost makes me forget that it’s not my own hair, I want to remember to always take special care. I would also like to know if I can apply a very light oil, I forget the name of it, it’s really light and really good for hair nourishment. I want to make sure that it’s okay. May I send you the name of the oil later, or is any light oil fine. You may prefer another kind of hair care including shampoo and conditoner. If so, please let me know. Please forgive my questions. I ask your advice for the ultimate maximum care. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to wear it! And thank you for sending it so very quickly, I mean you are all top AAA+ quality all the way across the board, from A-Z. Please also thank DHL with God’s blessing for me. Please keep your prices affordable the way you do. Many people will be able to afford them, therefore you will always have alot of customers. Especially when more people find out about you. I saw one person on Youtube for Juicylacewigs. She also has nice things to say. I’m really going to tell people about you. You are all amazing. I really thank God for you. Thank you so very, very much for your kindness, patience and off the chart top quality. Thank you also for reading my very long letter. I’m SO VERY HAPPY with my hair. THANK YOU. I hope that you are all having a great weekend. I’m so very glad, so very blessed to have found you. God bless.




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