Juicy new 6″ lace front wigs start to sell

We have a great news that would like to let you know that the new 6″ lace front wigs will be available in our store. You can get quick shipping 6″ lace front wigs from now now on.

What? Is it real that I can get the 6″ lace front wigs few days?

yes, it is true!

You may know the traditional lace front wigs the front hand tied part inch is only 3inch or 4inch. Now, the new 6″ lace front wigs will make the front hand knotted part deep longer.so you can make the long free part easily and no worry about the see the weft on the top scalp.

juicy 6" lace front wigs
juicy 6″ lace front wigs


It is really a good new for the juicy lace customers.

You can see the 6″ lace front wig on the left. The front hand knoted part size is 13X6″.it is a great design.You can make free parting freely on the front.also, extra lace was added in the back, so if means you can make high ponytail if you want to do it.

You may think this kind of 6″ lace front wig price will be expensive right? No, you,it is much cheaper than full lace wig,but looks as if same as full lace wig. If you want to learn more 6″ lace front wigs, you can click below and learn more.

Also.for the 6″ lace front wigs,now we have straight, body wave, deep wave,loose wave,curly 4 kinds in stock. if you need Brazilian curly,spanish wave,kinky curly ,kinky straght wigs,it takes 2-3 days process for you.Try your own 6″ lace front wigs, it will never let you down.


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