Remy hair VS Non-Remy hair

When you buy your sew in weave or lace wigs on line or local store, you may notice that the wigs or hair weaves are made of 100% remy hair or non-remy hair,some may called virgin hair. so what is the differences?

Take the full lace wig for example,now, when we say the full lace wigs are made of 100% indian remy hair,we mean the human hair is collected from multiple sources,the hair also, it is just common human hair,the hair may colored or dyed, it is may not full of cuticles. and the hair root and tips not in same direction.

some of you may ask me, so what is non-remy hair? The meaning above is it non-remy hair?

virgin hair extensions
virgin hair extensions body wave

yes, that is right! It is no-remy hair.

Now,let’s go back to some years ago. There is no the hair concept” VIRGIN HAIR”, only REMY Hair and Non-remy hair ( equals non-remy hair).When we say the hair is very good quality, we say the hair is make of 100% Remy hair. The word” REMY” means the best hair, like the word ” VIRGIN”. The hair is collected from single donor,and the hair is not processed, no colored, no dyed, full of cuticles and can last long time. Also, you can color the blonde hair if you want to to do it.

The word” REMY ” become more and more popular and later, all hair vendors claim that they offer the REMY hair products.But in fact, most of the hair are made of NON-REMY Hair, it is just common human hair.There is no standard for in the hair market. also the meaning are chaos in the market.

Some year later, the new concept” VIRGIN HAIR” popped out,the factories from Asia, begin to use the VIRGIN HAIR concept replace the word “ REMY HAIR”, So Now the VIRGIN HAIR is best hair and the Remy hair just common human hair , same as non-remy hair.

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